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So it can be a lonely life. In addition, hiding my job from my friends and family proved to be difficult for many reasons. How do you think prostitution would change if it were legalized? Would you want your own child to become a prostitute? If the social and legal ramifications were gone, I think that being an escort might be like being a therapist I have never been a therapist, so my knowledge is obviously limited.

Like most escorts, a therapist sells his or her skills by the hour. A therapist also has to meet people for the first time not knowing who is walking in the door. Many have their own offices and work alone. In addition, the session is generally private and requires discretion.

I imagine that many times therapists have patients that they like and some they don't. A therapist's revenue, like almost all other occupations, probably increases if the client feels that the therapist likes them. I don't mean to imply that I have the skills of a trained therapist, or to in any way demean what they do; I'm just observing some obvious similarities.

If I had a child, I would hope that they would feel empowered, and have the opportunity to do whatever they desire to do, and that they would be in charge of their own sexuality. This job has its downsides, though, and can take a high toll on a person. I know that it's made many aspects of my life and my relationships more difficult. So, like any parent, I would always want more for my child than I had for myself. I feel that prostitution should be legal. If a couple meets for dinner and a bottle of wine, and have sex, that's a date.

If they meet for dinner and a bottle of wine, and have sex, with money in an envelope left on the dresser, that's illegal. I realize that there are women in prostitution who are there because they feel like they have to be.

These women work in a different part of the industry than I did. Many have drug or abuse issues, among other problems. I think, instead of spending time and finite resources on arresting and criminalizing these women, we should spend our resources on making sure that these women have other opportunities and a place to go for help.

The women who don't want to be prostitutes shouldn't have to be, and they should be able to get the help they need. Women who want to be should be able to. I feel that no one should have to take a job to make a living that is against his or her own moral judgment. I'm sure it would cause me to lower my rates. I'm sure more people would take up prostitution as a profession, and I am sure more men would partake in the activity.

That said, legalization does not remove all the barriers to entry. The job still would have a huge negative stigma associated with it, both for the escorts and the clients. In countries like Canada, enforcement of prostitution laws is extremely lax, and while rates are lower, they aren't wildly different. So there would still be men out there afraid of their wives finding out, and I still wouldn't want to share my job title with my family.

Dubner and Levitt wrote that you have some economics training. Has that informed the way you think about your occupation? We call her Allie, which is neither her real nor professional name. My client list holds over 10, names I still have it and consisted of top athletes, high-ranking politicians, Wall Street CEOs and movie stars.

My first introduction to the sex industry was during my job as a trading assistant at a hedge fund. I was hired to ensure the timely processing of his stock trades, however a good part of my day was spent handling his personal issues i. Whenever my boss had a big stock win, he would celebrate by going to Las Vegas. Most of his trips centered around his entertainment, which was in the form of spending time with hired models — AKA escorts. I would book my boss's trip with his VIP host and was given the task of securing photos and bios of prospective women for him to spend time with.

My boss talked about these women openly at the office, and the other men at the firm often did the same. In the comments on my last post , readers assumed that my boss and the other men at the firm spoke negatively about these women.

However, that is entirely incorrect. My boss booked escorts when he had a financial success; these women were correlated to success in the minds of these executives.

When you won big in the stock market — you celebrated. The men looked forward to their time spent with these women. They would often take them shopping and out to the best restaurants, shows, nightclubs. These women were treated very well and received a generous compensation for their time.

My boss spoke very highly about these women, bragged about them, bragged about what gifts he bought for them and where he took them — in a positive way. He remained friends with many of them and would send them money for bills or education needs. And this is not an isolated way of thinking. In my experience, most of the clients of my former agency felt the same way.

One of the biggest preconceived notions people have is that all women who work as prostitutes are forced into it, and that the men who spend time with them are using them and degrading and devaluing them.

The above scenario exists, but is not always the case. As a madam, I ran my business with the same mind-set my boss had. I expected the men to treat my girls well.

Money was exchanged for companionship and girls were encouraged to set their own boundaries. I was picky about my clientele — I expected them to value the girls and be appreciative. I trained my phone bookers on how to evaluate clientele over the phone and determine who gets an appointment and who does not. I turned down many potential bookings because they just did not feel right — or because they did not meet my screening protocol.


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