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Foley said Labor would also tackle other inequalities, including the inability of a step-parent to adopt their partner's child and the inability of a gay couple to jointly adopt a child conceived through IVF.

A bill to give same-sex couples adoption rights was introduced to Parliament on 6 October The bill proceeded to the Legislative Council , where debate resumed on 12 November The bill, as it related to allowing adoptions by same-sex couples, passed comfortably by a margin of 31 to 8.

However, a bare majority of Coalition and crossbench members of the Council narrowly passed an amendment eliminating amendments to the Equal Opportunity Act , which would have prevented faith-based organisations from being able to refuse adoption orders for same-sex couples. The bill in its amended form returned to the Legislative Assembly, which passed the amended bill on 9 December The law went into effect on 1 September Prior to that reform, same-sex couples could only be appointed as foster parents or guardians, and did not have the right to adopt a child together — even if that child had been in their care for years.

In response to the Victorian Law Reform Commission report into assisted reproduction, surrogacy and adoption, the then Brumby Labor government stopped short of allowing same-sex couples full adoption rights.

A Supreme Court of Victoria decision in concerning the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act granted individual gay men and lesbian women some adoption rights by concluding that the state's Adoption Act "permits one person in a same-sex couple to adopt", opening the door to step-parent adoption for some couples.

In July , sections 11, 12, and 13 of the Infertility Medical Procedures Act were commenced to prevent a repetition of IVF surrogacy in Victoria, by prohibiting the use of IVF technology on women who have not been diagnosed as infertile and rendering commercial and altruistic surrogacy arrangements void.

Then in , women in de facto relationships with men were allowed access to IVF treatment under the Infertility Treatment Amendment Act This eliminated any marriage requirement, but did not clearly address the medical needs requirement.

This legal decision opened the door for lesbian couples to use IVF procedures. In June , the Victorian Law Reform Commission released its final report recommending that the laws be modified to allow more people to use assisted reproductive technologies and to allow same-sex couples to adopt and be recognised as parents to their partner's children. In addition, parents who have children through surrogacy would be able to go to the County Court and apply for a substitute parentage order for legal recognition.

Victoria adopted most of the recommendations of the Victorian Law Reform Commission in legislation which was introduced to Parliament in September The lower house voted 47—34 in favour of the Assisted Reproductive Treatment Bill , with all Coalition members voting against it.

The bill subsequently received Royal Assent on 4 December and became effective from 1 January Since , Victoria prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity under the Equal Opportunity Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Act — which amended the Equal Opportunity Act Since , the Equal Opportunity Act has been repealed and replaced with the Equal Opportunity Act [79] - that still includes both sexual orientation and gender identity.

In December , the Labor Government promised to rewrite equal opportunity laws to make it harder for faith-based organisations, such as schools, to discriminate against certain employees because of their sexual orientation and religious beliefs. In February , the government announced it would promptly introduce legislation to "crack down" on gay conversion therapists in the state. The bill creates a Health Complaints Commissioner with increased powers to take action against such groups; these powers ranging from issuing public warnings to banning them from practicing in Victoria.

The law went into effect on 1 February Birth certificates and driver licences are within the jurisdiction of the states, whereas marriage and passports are matters for the Commonwealth. Victoria does legally recognise a person's gender transition but imposes requirements, such as only after undergoing sexual reassignment surgery. Gender identity is recognised and is a protected attribute under Victorian law, meaning a transgender person cannot be discriminated against in employment and in other areas of life.

Soon, Victorian law will remove the requirement for a person to be unmarried in order to changed the sex recorded on their birth certificate. The requirement was set to lapse in December following the federal legalisation of same-sex marriage in , however the Parliament amended state law to this effect in May Previously, in August , the Andrews Labor Government sought to pass legislation removing the unmarried requirement and also the requirement for transgender people to undergo sex reassignment surgery before amending their birth certificate.

If passed, the legislation would have allowed parents to alter the gender descriptor of their child, with the child's informed consent and would also have simplified the existing administrative corrections for intersex people. In March , the government sought to address the unmarried requirement. It introduced the Justice Legislation Amendment Access to Justice Bill on 27 March , which removed the unmarried requirement from state law. The sexual reassignment surgery requirement remains.

In June , Organisation Intersex International Australia pointed to contradictory statements by the Victorian and other Australian governments, suggesting that the dignity and rights of LGBT and intersex people are recognised while, at the same time, harmful practices on intersex children continue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

LGBT portal Victoria portal. Allen, Victorian Gender and Sexuality Commissioner: Every time somebody calls our families 'Gay propaganda' and says we are 'Not normal' it's a step backwards The Sydney Morning Herald. Sunny Sydneysiders might consider themselves much more open-minded and free thinking than their archetypal black-clad Melbourne cousins.

But taking the political temperature of the two states shows that supposedly dour Victorians are loosening their corsets and becoming much more progressive. Retrieved 10 December Jeff Kennett , for all his bluster Most Australians support gay marriage, but nowhere more strongly than in Victoria. Interest groups that have lobbied for years on gender and LGBTI issues in particular are finding a receptive government determined to make big leaps, to change the culture in fundamental ways Earlier this year, Andrews scoffed at the national fuss over the Safe Schools program that aims to ensure a safe environment for LGBTI students and, again, get students thinking about stereotypes and discrimination.

The Australian Women's Movement s—s. Archived from the original on 18 July Retrieved 4 May Victoria's gay conviction apology speech in full". Archived from the original on 9 February Archived from the original on 22 April Retrieved 1 May Archived from the original PDF on 13 August Victorian Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council. Archived from the original on 17 July Archived from the original on 5 June Archived from the original on 4 February Adoption Equality Starts Now".

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